What is the UN Young Professionals Programme?
The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat. It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programmes once successful candidates start their career with the UN.
Who can apply?
Any Citizen of the United   Republic of Tanzania is eligible to apply and participate in this year’s program me. Successfully   candidates   will have to   attend an annual recruitment TYPP examination   which is held once a year. Tanzania is among the participating countries in this exercise.
Basic application criteria:
You must  be a Tanzanian Citizen
You must be a holder of a University Degree relevant for the job entry you are applying for.
You must be 32 or younger by the end of the examination date ( 15 December 2015)

 Fluent in  either  English or French
What you need to do
Interested   applicant   should Visit   a link bellow for further detailed instruction including a creation of a personal profile for your applicationhttps:/
The opportunities   are open from May to December,  on the following schedule.
May-July:                Administration and Finance
July-October:                Legal Affairs and Public Information
October-December:             Social Affairs and Statistics
Interested Candidates must apply ONLY ONCE in the area of your qualification/choice.
The Examination centers
 The Center for Foreign Relations (CFR)   at Kurasini   Dar Es Salaam has been designated as the examination center for Tanzanians and other eligible candidates.  Examination will be held    the  15th December, 2015. Tanzanians living abroad can also participate in the examinations centers that are open in other countries. Visit the YPP page regularly for updates.
Tanzanians with questions can visit the YPP home page above or email you question  to one of these the  and